Welcome to my business.

I would love to introduce myself. My name is Jade-Maree Cook and I am the founder of JADE Beauty Skinstitute. I am 31 years old, happily married with 4 gorgeous children. Two girls and two boys.

My hobbies include, netball, coaching net set go girls, umpiring, & horse riding. I am also an qualified nail technician, spray tan technician, eyelash technician, makeup artist & a Master Aromatherapist Practitioner. I am currently finishing my beauty diploma, and my masters in pre natal and post natal aromatherapy, and menopausal women.

I have been self employed since 2012. However, our little salon was born in September 2013, as a beauty and giftware store, until I fell pregnant with my third child. Our business was named Jadee’s Boutique which I later sold in early 2014.  Fast forward a few years, another baby, and I was back to wanting my dream business again!

This time I fell in love with a beautiful local store! That was empty for many months even years. I took the plunge and decided to contact the owner, who told me another lady was interested and that maybe we could join and open a combined store. At first I was apprehensive but thought to myself, let’s just see what could transpire.

We both contacted one another and decided to meet for a greeting and to see if we liked one another. Long story short, it was amazing and we hit it off! Sarah wanted her own homewares & giftwares shop, and I decided to go the salon route.

I knew this type of business model would work because I had achieved the same thing many years prior, so this excited me that now I had someone else who was just as excited as me!!

We have flourished together in business and in friendship, and I couldn’t ask for a better business partner, and friend. We opened our businesses together under the same roof in October 2018!

Over the years I have also suffered with chronic pain, from Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, PCOS and kidney issues such as Hydronephrosis. This has impacted my life tremendously. Especially dealing with hormonal acne at the age 29. After my last baby.

Such as passing out on clients when I have pain attacks. I fought long and hard an in November 2020 I finally got my hysterectomy. However, there was complications with surgery, as they cut my ureter. This has now caused me great pain and heartache.

After my hysterectomy more heartache came along with it, and I then needed a major ureter reconstruction. All within 12 weeks of each other. After developing 3 major infections and spending more then 4 consecutive weeks in hospital I had to make the awful decision to close my salon. My health had to come first.

I have built our beautiful little country salon up to where I could step away from it, and let my girls run it while I endeavored to get my health back on track. I had planned to be back on the shop floor by February 2021 but I decided it was time to just close my shop front.

This decision wasn’t made lightly. I had worked so so hard to get to where I am today.

The last 6 months have been a major eye opener for me, and I have spent a lot of time listening to myself and what I desire.

That is why I have reverted back to where I was in the beginning, I am here to advocate for women, and share my passion and knowledge in essential oils, and advocating for women and their health.

Thank you for all your support and I hope that I was able to share a little insight into myself for your understanding!

Love always Jade xx

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